Sometimes we tend to over think things.  Sometimes we create issues when none are actually there.  Sometimes we make things harder than they really are.  Sometimes we think we need great detailed plans announced with appropriate fanfare; a highly organized program before we can do anything.  Sometimes we tend to over think things.

It could be argued that Jesus lived a relatively simple life.  It could be proved that He lived a highly focused life.  His (perfect) life contained no distractions, no clutter to tempt Him to go off mission.  He simply traveled about teaching and helping, a simple and focused life.  It seems to me, that His helping created the audience for His teaching.  I wonder how many people would have listened to Him in the first place if He had not healed their sick.

This sounds to me like a simple life:

…Jesus of Nazareth … who went about doing good …. (Acts 10:38 NKJV)

This sounds to me like the kind of life I need to live.

Living that kind of life requires that we take the emphasis off ourselves.  We must see hurt and simply try to heal it without wondering what others will think, without waiting to be told to act, and without becoming critical because someone else isn’t addressing the mess we’re seeing.  We must see a need…and act…as if we helped others all the time (which, hopefully, we do).

The easy thing to do is complain.  The hard thing to do is help.  Jesus was not a complainer, but He certainly was a helper.  If we could just get it burned into our consciousness that our purpose in existing is to be like Him, maybe we could begin to do His work.

My mission for today is to go about doing good.  If we do this enough, I am convinced that people will want to hear the gospel message.  We can preach and preach (and, of course, we need to do that), but without the “doing good” it is fantasy to believe that large numbers will listen.  At least, that was Jesus’ model.

One Response to “Simplify”

  1. Chris Says:

    I agree with this article. I am going to apply it to my own life and simplify and do more, get more done. Thanks for the great lesson.

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