The Rights of God

Why is my brother a mirror?

Why do look at him but see only myself?

Why do I imagine I have rights before the Almighty?

Does my sin place God in my debt?

Does my inversion of reality make it so?

Does my Maker owe me anything?

Will my life be consumed with myself?

Will my rights defeat my servanthood?

Will my rights be the death of my heart?

Cleanse me of a selfish heart.

Invigorate me with a giving life.

Free me from self-gluttony.

Gently remind me of my inability to pay.

Help me approach the reality of the Cross.

Cause me to accept my status as debtor and not deserver.

Teach me the difference in beggar and Lord.

Blind my eyes to self-want.

Show me that my brother is like me.

My Lord,

The rights are all Yours.

The responsibilities are all mine.

You have blessed me, and I have rebelled.

I have sinned, and You have forgiven.

One Response to “The Rights of God”

  1. Barry Cunningham Says:

    Very thought provoking!

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