The Most Blessed Man on the Face of the Earth

According to Wikipedia, Lou Gehrig was the first baseman for the New York Yankees from 1925 through 1939.  During this time he played in 2,130 consecutive games. This set a record that continued until broken by Cal Ripkin, Jr. in 1995.  Gehrig was elected to the Baseball of Fame and is known as baseball’s “Iron Horse.”

In 1939 he was diagnosed with a fatal degenerative nerve disease today known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”  Two years after the diagnosis, he would be dead.

Following Gehrig’s retirement in June, the Yankees held an appreciation day for him in Yankee Stadium on July 4, 1939.  A weakened Gehrig spoke at this ceremony.  His brief speech began as follows:

Fans, for the past two weeks you have been reading about the bad break I got. Yet today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.


Today I made a couple of visits in the hospital.  When I arrived, to my displeasure, there was no empty parking space near the entrance.  I had to park all the way across the parking lot, walking the entire breadth of it to reach the door.  When I finished my visits, I walked back across the parking lot to my truck, got in, and left.  I walked without pain.  I walked with perfect coordination.  I walked without assistance.  I walked to the exact location I intended.  My walking was so easy and natural that I gave no thought to it whatsoever.

I am the most blessed man on the face of the earth.

While in town, I visited with a merchant who is a friend of mine.  While waiting to speak with him, I admired the items in his store.  He sells paintings.  I looked at a number of them quite closely.  I could see them in perfect detail.  I could see the different colors the artist used.  While I was there, the phone rang a couple of times.  I could hear it clearly and distinctly.

I am the most blessed man on the face of the earth.

When I returned home, I enjoyed my evening meal.  I had vegetables and baked chicken.  I had all I wanted to eat.  When I finished eating, I felt no pain or nausea.  I then enjoyed some diet lemonade.  I had no trouble swallowing.  The taste was pleasant.  I could even detect the lemony smell.

I am the most blessed man on the face of the earth.

God has given me the ordinary

And it is extraordinary.

He gives a great blessing in a simple act.

He bestows His grace in an everyday occurrence.

Each moment of normalness is profound.

A simple breath is a joy unspeakable.

Let me live each moment.

Let me drink deeply each breath and sight.

God is good.

I shall praise and serve Him, for

I am the most blessed man on the face of the earth.


3 Responses to “The Most Blessed Man on the Face of the Earth”

  1. Jimmy Lucas Says:

    That is so true John, we are all so blessed. When I awake in the morning, I praise God that I did awake, many don’t. When I put my feet on the floor,stand and walk, I thank God that I can, many can’t. We are so blessed!

  2. John Says:

    Thanks Jimmy. My blessing list is endless.

  3. Positive Harry Says:

    Thank you and May God’s wonderful blessings continue to be with you…..Positive Harry……..I refer to myself “as the most blessed man on the face of the universe”…Thank you for sharing your story…

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