Inconvenient Questions

If everyone were a Christian, would we have wars?  Why would a Christian desire to participate in a war his/her government has declared?  When we pray in a Christian worship assembly for those in the military, should we use the phrase “fighting for our freedom”?  If we do so, are we making a political statement in our prayer?  Do you agree with Jesus’ statement “Blessed are the peacemakers”?  How would you define a “just war”?  Should a Christian seek vengeance?  If you are a soldier at war and a fellow Christian is in the opposing army, would you shoot him?  Is your religion Nationalism or Christianity?  Can you picture Jesus leading a physical army into a physical battle?  Does “Love your neighbor as yourself” involve a rifle?


One Response to “Inconvenient Questions”

  1. Leon Cole Says:

    These questions have been tossed around for years among brethren but I have yet to see any answers.

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