Taking a Wife

Jessica, Eric, Debbie, me. Austin was somewhere else at the moment.

Outside of the fact that we both are sincere about our Christianity and love our family, my wife and I have virtually no common interests.  Yet, we get along marvelously.  How is that?  O yeah, we like to go out to eat together, but that’s pretty much it.

I can’t imagine being married to anyone else.  We have been married 37 years.  If I could go back in time, I would marry her again.  Really.  Absolutely!  To enhance your boredom (if you’ve got this far), here are a few examples.

I just tried to read her something (which I thought quite interesting) off the internet – she walked out the door to water her flowers – which I have no interest in.  She is all up into George Strait (I spelled his name right, didn’t I?), I wouldn’t walk across the street to hear George Strait for free.  She likes loves adores country music.  That genre does nothing for me.  I prefer rock and classical (no opera though).  I don’t see the country stuff bringing a tear to my eye (it’s too predictable).  But if “Battle Cry of Freedom” is played really, really slow on a piano or Pachelbel’s “Canon” is played properly with a violin – I’ll just about choke up every time.  Figure it out….

She doesn’t enjoy reading, I do.  She likes ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ I don’t.  We actually both like Alabama football.  But, truth be told, she probably likes it more than I do (she is an ex high school cheerleader and UA alum).  We both sat in bleachers countless hours watching our two sons play ball over the years.  She would scream and holler, I rarely opened my mouth.  She never missed our daughter’s “cherrie” leader games (she was the cheer coach, but she would have gone anyway).  To my shame, I only caught a couple of them over the three years she cheered on varsity.

Permit me a slight digression.  The cheerleader thing has reminded me.  When my daughter cheered, they had a number of  different outfits they wore.  One had an opening in the back of the top that was apparently surrounded by elastic to cause it to gather in, or squeeze in.  We were the Blue Devils and the girls called that outfit “Squeezy Devils.”  My sons and I thought that name was so funny.  We would always ask her on game days if they were going to wear “Squeezy Devils.”  That was a cue for her to roll her eyes and turn her head.

It takes my wife a good hour and a half to get ready, me: about 20 minutes.  I love to cook, she doesn’t.  She likes to stitch things, like afgans (if she ever has the time, which is rare).  Not me.  Doing something like that would drive me crazy in about 5 minutes max.  I’m a thinker, she’s a doer.  She’s slow, I’m  fast.  I like cows and stuff (though I no longer own any).  She’s not into that.

So, do opposites attract?  Works for me.

One Response to “Taking a Wife”

  1. Donna Turner Says:

    John that is too funny! Pretty much how me and Tommy are to though! I wouldn’t trade him for the world though.

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