Thinking About Humility

Admitting the enormity of my own personal sinfulness is the first step toward humility.  If I am unwilling to admit my own personal sinfulness, I will never know humility.  Contemplation of the perfect life of Jesus helps me understand just how sinful, how imperfect, I have chosen to live my life.  Even though I may have the desire to always do, say, and think the good thing, my will often fails me.  The fault for that failure lies with me and me alone.

Why do I fall so short of the life of my Lord?  Why do I allow the words and deeds of others to influence me to be more like the world and less like the Christ?  Who do I want to please or impress?  Why do I care what others may say or think?

I am far, far from perfect.  If I will admit that, I can begin to grow humility.  Humility begins with understanding my sinfulness and confessing my failure to be what I ought to be.  I must compare myself to Jesus, not to my friends.  Even though I may be closer, even much closer, to Jesus than I used to be – still, a great chasm separates my lived life from the life He lived as my Example.

When I truly contemplate Christ, humility overwhelms me.  I have so much yet to learn.   I have so much yet to believe.  I have so far yet to go.  Who will help me?  I thank God: Jesus Christ Himself.

If I will become a humble person, God will reach for me and lift me up.  If I will know humility beyond talking and thinking, if I will know it – the debilitating disease of fear will vanish from my body and I will find myself free to serve, love, and forgive.  When the recognition of God’s mercy toward me causes me to humble myself, I will find a peace and a joy that I never knew existed.

Humility causes the heart to glow.  Humility causes me to see my neighbor in a new and clearer light.  Humility crushes paranoia.  Humility helps me understand who I am and the purpose of my being.  Humility is forgiveness.  Humility is power.  Humility is love.

God is love.


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