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The Scent of Innoncence

March 4, 2012

I drove my 68 Camaro down a gravel road with my girlfriend sitting on a cushion on the console next to me.  Her Chanel # 5 mixed with Tommy James and the Shondels from the 8-track and created the scent of endless youth. We stopped at a country store and bought RC’s for a quarter.  I put a dollar’s worth of gas in the red Camaro and we were off again.  The wind coming from the rolled down windows blew her long brown hair in my face. Her soft laughter was addictive and I was high on the love of my youth.  We had no plan, no destination – just the moment, and we embraced it.  There was war in Asia, riots in Montgomery, and drugs in New York, but we remained invincible, absolved of it all. 

I left for college the day Eden ended and we drifted.  Youth and distance are cruel and we were victims of both.  Paradise was gone for a while, but eventually it came back.  We are still in the middle of it after 40 years. 

I can still feel her hair blowing in my face.  I can still hear her laughter.  I still smell her Chanel  I feel her breath in my ear even now.  The ride started a long time ago . . . and it never ended.  I love you, Debbie.  Image

Yep, that’s us, and the car.  See her long brown hair?