Beholding God in my Neighbor

Image  My task is to see God in you.  He is surely there.  He has made you.  He has not only created you, but made you  in His image.  You are His likeness.  You have similarities with God, the God of the universe, the God who created everything you see, breathe, and touch.  I must comprehend how you resemble God and help you become a more accurate likeness of Him.  By helping you, I help myself.  For it is my task to not only see God in you, but to show God in me. 

When I see God in you it affects my feelings toward you.  If I perceive you as Godless, I will be repelled by you and hate you.  If I can see something of God in you, even a tiny spark, I will be drawn to you and love you.  I must love everyone, even my enemies.  For this reason, I must search to find something of God in you.  Since you are made in His image, there is some good there, even if your words and behaviors hide it, it is still there.  I will find it and we will both be drawn together and upward by it. 

If you are my enemy, I will pray for you.  If you have wronged me, I will forgive you.  If you shun me, I will reach out to you.  If you ignore me, I will speak kindly of you.  If you hate me, I will love you. 

The night is dark where there is hatred.  Empathy should come easy for the sinner.  When I understand repentance, I will learn compassion.  When I experience forgiveness, I will know grace.  When I count my righteousness deeds, humility hides from me.  I make my world dark when I refuse the Light. 

O Light, shine on me.  Gently guide me away from my self righteousness.  Conduct me into Your presence where the Sun will rise in my heart.  Help me see You in them. 



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