That’d be me . . .

Said Clint Eastwood’s character Outlaw Josey Wales.

It would be good if more people read the Bible like that. But most don’t. Most read the Bible, “That’d be him.”  They apply the texts to someone else and rarely to themselves. To deny that is to be either blind or naive.

When the text about being kind, tenderhearted, and forgiving in Ephesians 4 is read, it either doesn’t mean me or it just means me when I feel like it or am going to get something out of it. It certainly doesn’t mean me when it requires some effort on my part or is different from what I want to do. I obey God’s word when I want too, and when I don’t – well, that’s different. I take what I want only when it’s convenient and leave the rest on the shelf (page).  Just like Wal-Mart.

God will not accept that kind of behavior. That’s what the Pharisees wanted to do during the ministry of Jesus. Jesus cut them no slack and He will not cut me or you any either when we act like them.

Jesus means what He says. He means it all the time. And, it applies to me. One of the hardest things in Christianity to do is to examine my own heart to see if I am really a disciple.


3 Responses to “That’d be me . . .”

  1. Jerry Starling Says:

    Amen! Excellent thoughts.

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