Control What You Can Control

Have you ever been treated badly?  Maybe someone did something to you or said something about you that just wasn’t right. That ever happen?  It has to most of us.

What is your first response?   Often it is to try to get the other person back in some way. Some kind of verbal or social fight inevitably ensures where each person tries to one-up the other one. What is accomplished is hurt feelings on both sides, deep-seated anger, lingering resentment,  and a relationship broken beyond repair. None of the above are desirable consequences. There is a better way.

Think about what you can actually control. Though you might try, and maybe even falsely convince yourself that you can,  the reality is you cannot control the other person’s behavior. So of the two person’s behavior, whose is left?  Obviously yours. And you can sure control that.

When someone is unkind to you, instead of responding with vengeance,  respond with kindness. When someone says something hateful, respond with a kind word or with silence. You know, it takes two to fight. Try this with your spouse sometime. I guarantee you’ll have fewer arguments.

Someone who walked on this earth 2000 years ago met hatred with love and violence with peace and forgiveness. I think you know who I am talking about. If I took seriously making my life more like His, I would be a lot happier and the world would actually become a better place.


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