Seeing God

To see God, you have to look for Him. He is everywhere present, but you have to look with your mind and heart to discern His presence. You have to yearn for God with your heart and think of how His presence manifests itself with your mind.

Looking out my window right now, I see a group of trees, bare of their summer leaves, with the clear blue sky in the background. Though the trees are leafless, they are very much alive. I know this because I have watched these same trees for the better part of 60 years. The life of the trees reminds me of their creator God. I see Him in the trees. He is present in them. Looking closer, I notice that the tree limbs are naturally bent in all kinds of angles as they have grown in the various directions in search of the sun, which is essential for their life. It is the sense that the limbs have gone to great effort to be united with the sun. This reminds me of the supreme effort God expended through His love in the giving of Jesus so He could have a relationship with you and me. The blue sky I see through the limbs makes me think of heaven that God has prepared as a place to dwell in perfection with all who die as faithful Christians. I see God in the trees, the tree limbs, the sky . . . and I could go on.

It helps me greatly in my struggling Christian walk to see God’s presence in so many places. It’s like He’s constantly watching me to catch me if I stumble, like a loving father would watch his children as their guide and protector. 

May He watch over me always. May He do the same for you. May God bless you and keep you.


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