Austin’s Sermon

Austin did great job last night preaching at Vernon Church of Christ.

He told a story about two coal miners in the 1400’S. One went to work in the underground mines so his brother could go to college. The brother miner would supply the financial support for his brother since the family was very poor. Conditions in the coal mines in the 15th century were very poor, but the brother did it so the other brother could realize his dreams.

Austin then compared this story to the story of the firey furnace in Daniel. The three Hebrew young men went down in the furnace for God. God took care of them.

The application was – “Who would you go down in the coal mines for?”  Would you do it for your family?  Your friends?  Who?  Would you do it at all? 

It was a powerful lesson. Wish you could have been there. I am so proud of Austin.


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