God, You, and Human Suffering

This is a difficult subject and I sure don’t pretend to have all the answers.  I want to share only one thought that occurred to me a few years ago and was very helpful to me personally. There are many other angles on this subject that I will not discuss in this brief post. Here’s what hit me one day that I found really encouraging.

In 1 Corinthians 10:13, Paul said God would not allow us to be tempted beyond our ability to bear. Temptation and trial is not technically the same, but they are related, and I am treating them the same in this post.

When I am faced with a trial, I can know that God believes I can handle it because of what He said in the text above. So, the fact that He has allowed the trial to happen rather than providentially stopping it, means that God has confidence in me, perhaps like He had confidence in Job when satan wanted to cause suffering for him.

My thought is that if God allows me, as a Christian,  to suffer, it means God believes I will show others how a Christian deals with adversity. It means God believes in me, loves me, and is pleased with me. It doesn’t mean the opposite of those things.

Therefore, my feeling is not to try and blame God in some way, but to want to make Him proud of me. After all, He has already indicated He has confidence in me. It’s kind of like God has said to the devil today, “Have you considered my servant John.”  God has singled me out, not because He hates me, but because He loves me.

I find that pretty encouraging.


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