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Independence Day

June 28, 2013

I am immersed in the fount
The baptismal water drips from my clothing and body
I have been buried in the blood
It has washed me clean like a bleached garment
My soul is freed like a released bird
My heart is bonded to the Lord, my strength
Satan’s spell broken
His hold on my soul severed
The devil’s might crushed
I will rejoice in Christ, my Mighty Warrior
He wins freedom for the oppressed
Independence for the prisoner
Victory for the weak
The Lord will never fail me
He will always be there
The Lord is my Hero
I am His patriot
I am a citizen of His kingdom
He rules over me with power and grace
The universe submits to Him
All the nations tremble and bow down
In the Lord only I shall glory
He is my Rock, my redeemer, my God


I Agree, Therefore, I Am

June 11, 2013

That is of course a variation of the famous statement “I think, therefore,  I am,” by some philosopher whose name elludes me. 

Randy Medlin of Montgomery made a statement in a sermon one time that I found deeply perceptive. He said something to the effect that “Many Christians think that because they agree with some Biblical principle,  that means they are doing it.” For example, when Jesus says, “Blessed are the meek . . . Blessed are the merciful,” people think they actually are humble and merciful because they agree with what Jesus said. Then, when something doesn’t go to suit these same people,  they are anything but humble and merciful. They really can be quite rude and mean, but see no conflict between their personal behavior and the teaching of Jesus.

I agree (with the words of Christ), therefore I am (obedient to the words of Christ).

Anyone can see the problem on paper, but few can see it in their life.

I really don’t know what to do about it. If you point it out, people get mad and try to hurt you. If you tell them how good they are, well, that’s worthless. It’s kind of a delimema.  

I guess looking for the inconsistencies in my own life is the best I can do.