The Dogs under the Table This is a short sermon from the story of Jesus healing the daughter of a Gentile woman.  The text is found in Matthew 15:21-28 and Mark 7:24-30.  Here are five thoughts about the Gentile woman. 

She is persistent in making her request of Jesus.  Jesus did not respond to her at first, but she continued to “cry out” and “kept asking.”  It looked initially like Jesus did not care, but as the story continues, it becomes very clear that Jesus does indeed care.  When I think God has forgotten me and does not care – I need to remember this Gentile woman. 

She humbles herself before Jesus.  Jesus introduces the analogy of the family children and the family pet dogs.  In the analogy, the woman and her daughter are paralleled with the family dogs, not the children.  I believe Jesus is testing her faith and pride here.  She passes the test by accepting Jesus’ analogy and asking for the crumbs that the dogs would receive. 

She is focused on her goal – help my daughter, forget about me.  The woman is at first ignored and then potentially insulted.  She pays no attention to this and continues to go after what she wants, the health of her daughter.  If her focus had been on self instead of other, the story would have ended here. 

She is called out by Jesus as a hero of faith.  Jesus told her her faith was “great.”  What would He tell you about yours?  Had her daughter never have been sick, she would not have had this opportunity to model great faith.  She may have never found that she was able to have great faith.  But, now she knows, and so do you and me today so that her example can encourage us. 

She got what she wanted.  She received the Lord’s blessing – her daughter was healed.  Don’t give up, just believe. 



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