I Just Don’t Care


     “People will make fun of me if I don’t.”  “Everyone is doing it.”  “I want to fit in.”  “People will think I’m weird.”  Ever felt this way?  These are typical human feelings and they’re not spiritually helpful. 

Christians are called to be different from the world, not just a little different, but radically different.  Paul used the word “transformed” in Romans 12.  John warns us to not love the world.  We are to be God’s special, unique people, which means we are not to be like everyone else. 

Many times we are not different and special because we are afraid of what someone will say or think.  My response has come to be, “Who cares?”  If I am trying to do what I believe to be right from a study of the teaching of Jesus, and you don’t like it, I just don’t care.  With God’s help, my purpose will be to follow the teaching of Jesus whether others like it or not.  Others may be “friends,” family, co-workers, or even other “Christians.”  It doesn’t matter who they are. 

I guess if Jesus had cared what others thought of His mission, He wouldn’t have gone to the Cross.  He sure wasn’t the kind of messiah most were looking for.  They wanted a warrior king to drive the Romans out of town with a violent war.  He came as a spiritual leader teaching peace between God and man.  Then He showed the way to that peace through love, humility, and submission to a violent physical death. 

To choose the way of Jesus requires seeking Him and not the approval of others.  Most of the world is going to hell anyway, if you believe Jesus’ teaching on the broad and narrow ways.  Why would you want to please the majority? 

It’s not easy to be a minority.  It’s not easy to live a life that many ridicule.  This life of the few is called cross bearing.  If I am unwilling to bear the cross of Christ, I am not fit to be a Christian.  If I will shoulder His Cross, then He will help me and by His strength I will prevail no matter what others think. 


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