The Sound of Rain

The falling rain sings to me a song of days long past.  The rhythmic drops play a calming melody.  The gentle rain waters the earth and brings my soul to attention.  Watch the seconds of my life tick away as the steady drops count them off one by one.  The rain was before I was born and will continue after I cease to be.  Wake me with your constant tapping.  The tin roof on the old farm house is your instrument.  Play me a tranquil song and recover my past.  Restore me to the vigor of youth and grant me possibility and eagerness again.  The rain is from God above.  It speaks of Him if I have ears to hear.  He is our hope as we hope for rain on a dry summer’s day.  The pure shower of the rain cleanses the earth.  Oh God, cleanse my soul, wash me and purify my stubborn heart.  Plunge me in Your love, flood me with Your mercy, and immerse me in Your grace.


One Response to “The Sound of Rain”

  1. Brian Says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you!

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