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Pray without Ceasing

April 13, 2015

Prayer places you in the presence of God. In the presence of God temptation diminishes, love grows, and humility blooms. The more you stay in the presence of God,  the more motivated you are to practice the Christian life. Christian prayer produces Christian practice. Do you want to be a better person?  Pray more!  Do you want to feel less depressed and feel more encouraged?  Pray more!  Do you feel the need to get out of yourself and improve as a spouse and parent?  Pray more! 

The apostle Paul said “Pray without ceasing. Be thankful in everything. For this is God’s will in Christ for you.”

My Father
May I yearn for Your presence
May I make time for You
Help me believe in prayer
Increase my faith in You
Let me never forsake You
O Lord, teach us to pray!